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Though they all look like Satoshi Kon’s heroines (and some very much like Mima Kirigoe from Perfect Blue), these pieces were pulled from the ‘Original Works/Early Works' section of the art book Kon’s Works 1982-2010.

I’ve cropped a few of these, but you can see the full versions in the art book, available on Amazon JP and US.

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Stunning background visuals for the Blue Exorcist Movie by art director Shinji Kimura (木村真二).

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Koi no tsumi (Guilty of Romance), 2011 (dir. Sion Sono)By quello-nello-specchio
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Masumi Miyazaki in Shion Sono’s “Strange circus” (2005).
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(出典: sovietdarling)

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Love Exposure
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COLD FISH [Tsumetai nettaigyo] [2010 SION SONO]

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Cold Fish (Sion Sono, 2010)

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Power Plant Exterior by Simon Fetscher
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Shion Sono’s “Love Exposure” (2008)
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